Barcelona, Spain

Global Directors Sales Meeting


The objective of the VIP event was to bring together the leadership team of a scientific company for a Global Directors Sales meeting in Barcelona. The primary goal was to gather the leadership team under one roof after the pandemic to discuss results, align on strategy, and foster team cohesion.


To achieve the objective, the following solution was implemented:

Venue Selection: Le Meridien Barcelona was chosen as the venue for the week-long meeting. Its central location and excellent facilities provided a conducive environment for productive discussions and networking.

Networking Events: Special networking events were organized to facilitate interaction and team bonding among the 77 attendees. These events included a team-building activity, special dinners, and social gatherings.


The VIP event yielded positive results and contributed to the overall success of the leadership team. The outcomes were as follows:

Motivated and Energized Team: The event succeeded in motivating and energizing the leadership team. Coming together after the pandemic allowed them to reconnect, boosting morale and enthusiasm for future endeavors.

Enhanced Focus and Direction: The discussions during the event enabled the team to gain clarity on results, align on strategy, and set a clear direction for the company’s future. The face-to-face interactions fostered open communication and a shared understanding among the leaders.

Strengthened Relationships: The event provided an opportunity for team members to meet for the first time, strengthening relationships and building camaraderie. This increased collaboration and cooperation among the leadership team.

The VIP event in Barcelona proved to be a successful endeavor, achieving the objective of bringing the leadership team together for a Global Directors Sales meeting. The chosen venue and special networking events created an environment conducive to productive discussions, team bonding, and strategic alignment. The event resulted in a motivated and energized leadership team, enhanced focus and direction, and strengthened relationships among the attendees. The positive testimonial from the Executive Assistant further attests to the success and impact of the event.


“Great to hear that our meetings were a huge success; thank you Karen and David for all your wonderful help! Again, thank you so much!”

Yvette Crowell – Executive Assistant
Analytical Instrument Group, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Division (CMD)

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