Valletta, Malta

Event Production and Gala Dinner


For a yearly sales conference attended by 700 participants, the client wished to create a remarkable gala dinner and awards ceremony. The event aimed to recognize outstanding achievements within the organization while fostering a sense of celebration and appreciation.


Evowk worked closely with the client to understand their vision and objectives. A comprehensive event plan was developed, encompassing logistics, venue setup, audio-visual requirements, catering, entertainment, and guest management. The coordination involved meticulous attention to detail and effective communication with all stakeholders.

The Mediterranean Conference Centre provided an ideal setting for the event, offering stunning architecture and ample space to accommodate the attendees. The Evowk team collaborated with the venue staff to create a captivating atmosphere, utilizing innovative lighting and decor to enhance the venue’s grandeur.

To ensure a seamless awards ceremony and gala dinner, the event production team facilitated comprehensive audio-visual production. This included sound systems, stage lighting, large projection screens, and multimedia displays. The production team ensured flawless execution of presentations, award announcements, and entertainment performances.

Evowk collaborated closely with the catering team to ensure impeccable food presentation, efficient service, and a seamless dining experience for the attendees. Special dietary requirements and preferences were taken into consideration to cater to all guests.

The awards ceremony served as the highlight of the event, recognizing and honouring exceptional achievements by individuals and teams within the organization. The event production team meticulously planned the award presentations, including stage setup, visual aids, and scripted speeches. The ceremony was designed to evoke a sense of prestige and celebration, making the recipients feel valued.

Captivating entertainment acts, including live music performances and an after party ensured a lively and engaging atmosphere, creating memorable moments for the attendees.


The corporate event at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, featuring an awards ceremony and gala dinner, was a resounding success. Through meticulous planning, seamless coordination, and attention to detail, the team delivered an exceptional experience for the attendees. The combination of a prestigious venue, captivating audio-visual production, exquisite catering, and engaging entertainment contributed to a memorable and impactful event that celebrated achievements and fostered a sense of pride within the organization.


“Evowk has supported the organization of the first in-person Sales Conference after the pandemic, marked by the expectation of gathering together after 3 years. We quickly developed a real partnership with the team, who worked with us every step, from the initial plan to the run of the event, providing best solutions to handle new challenges. They played a key role in ensuring a smooth and professional experience for all the delegates.”

Sara Braschi – Events and Process Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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