Denver, Colorado

Conference and Exhibition


The objective of the event was to create a memorable and impactful experience for the attendees while achieving the following goals:

Maximize Learning: Facilitate discussions and learning sessions to enhance knowledge sharing among the sales managers and supporting departments.

Dynamic Networking: Provide formal and informal opportunities for networking to foster meaningful connections among the attendees who had not met in person for three years.

Employee Recognition: Reward the best sales manager of the company and acknowledge the achievements of the sales team.

Communication: Bring the employees together to discuss future plans and company solutions, ensuring effective communication throughout the event.


To meet the objectives, the following strategies and elements were incorporated into the event design and management:

Varied Presentation Formats: Utilized various presentation formats such as plenary sessions, exhibitions, roundtables, workshops, and interactive discussions to engage attendees and cater to different learning preferences.

Networking Events: Organized networking events to facilitate interactions and create a platform for attendees to connect outside of formal sessions. This included scheduled meetings, an exhibition showcasing the company’s products and departments, cocktail receptions, dine-arounds, a gala dinner, and an award ceremony.


The event successfully achieved its objectives, resulting in a positive outcome for both the company and the attendees. Despite the challenging circumstances of the past three years, including remote work and internal changes, the event proved to be a significant success. Key results and feedback include:

Reunited Sales Managers: The event provided a collective reunion for the sales managers and supporting departments, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration after a prolonged period of remote work.

Positive Feedback: Attendees expressed their happiness and satisfaction at being able to meet in person again, strengthening team bonds and creating a renewed sense of purpose.

Exceeded Expectations: The event exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering an exceptional experience that met the objectives and surpassed anticipated outcomes.

Through careful event design and management, the Annual Sales Conference and Expo in Denver successfully accomplished its objectives of maximizing learning, facilitating networking opportunities, recognizing employee achievements, and promoting effective communication. By incorporating a variety of presentation formats and organizing engaging networking events, the event created a vibrant and memorable experience for the attendees. The positive feedback and strong attendee engagement demonstrated the success of the event in achieving its intended outcomes.


“I had the pleasure of working with EVOWK for our Sales meeting in Denver Colorado, 2023. The team did an amazing job helping us pull off a great event. We had limited time and resources due to some changes within our organization and EVOWK kept us on track and on budget. They handled all of the last minute changes in the agenda, speakers and rehearsals we threw at them quickly or gave us alternatives to make the event go off seamlessly. They did a tremendous amount of work putting in late nights and long days to make sure we were 100% satisfied. They were not only professional and extremely responsive but they are also such a fun team to work with and they truly have become part of the family and we will continue to work with them for upcoming events.”

Marcy Eddinger, MBA, MSM – Sr. Staff Sales Training, CMD
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Sandler Ambassador and DISC certified Trainer)

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