Rabat, Malta

Themed Corporate Event


A leading B2B gaming company aimed to create an extraordinary end-of-summer celebration that would bring together 550 guests for an evening of fun and camaraderie. The chosen theme, an “End of Summer Picnic,” was designed to provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere while fostering team bonding and appreciation.


The event was hosted at the picturesque Xara Lodge Pool and Garden, a countryside venue in Malta. Its lush greenery and serene ambiance set the perfect backdrop for the themed event.

To bring the “End of Summer Picnic” theme to life and provide an exceptional experience, a range of carefully curated elements were incorporated into the event:
Games and Activities: The venue was adorned with a variety of engaging games, including Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, and a ping pong table. These games encouraged friendly competition and interaction among attendees.

Lounge Seating and Cushions: Comfortable lounge seating and cushions were arranged throughout the space, inviting guests to relax and engage in conversations while enjoying the evening.
Ambience Lighting and Fairy Lights: Ambiance lighting, including charming fairy lights, was strategically placed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere as the sun set. The lighting enhanced the overall aesthetic of the event.

Garden Food Stalls and Live Cooking Stations: Garden-themed food stalls were set up, offering a diverse range of culinary delights. The inclusion of live cooking stations not only catered to guests’ taste buds but also provided an interactive culinary experience.
Branded Photobooth and Polaroid Camera: A special branded photobooth was designed to align with the garden theme. Attendees could capture their joyful moments using a polaroid camera, creating tangible memories to cherish.

Entertainment: The renowned local band Kevin Paul Calleja and a top DJ were the evening’s entertainment highlight. Their performances energized the atmosphere and encouraged guests to dance and celebrate.


The success of this themed corporate event exemplified how detailed event planning and a cohesive theme can create a memorable experience for event attendees. By combining engaging activities, comfortable seating, exquisite lighting, culinary delights, interactive photobooths, and lively entertainment, the gaming company was able to celebrate the end of summer in style. The event not only provided a platform for relaxation and enjoyment but also reinforced a sense of unity and appreciation among the employees.

Number of Participants: 550
Duration: 1 Day


“We had fabulous feedback and the people loved the evening. Thank you to the whole team at Evowk for making it happen.”

Oksana Gulega – Event Manager, Evolution

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